Ford Warranty

Get a True Factory-Backed Ford Protect Plan - SAVE $$$

Why pay full retail for true factory-backed Ford Protect Plan? Our internet sales model offers Ford Protect Plans at greatly discounted pricing. These are the same plans that your local dealer may have offered you but at a much higher price. Ford Protect Plans are accepted at all Ford, LINCOLN and Mercury dealerships nationwide. For the best coverage at the best price, buy your Ford-LINCOLN- Mercury Protect Plan online here!

Ford Protect - a wise investment! You pay only a small deductible (deductible options range from $0 to $200). Paying for future repairs at today's Ford Protect cost helps to protect you against inflation and increasing parts and labor costs.

Protect Your Investment!

If your new Ford or Mercury has less than 36,000 miles and is less than 36 months old, or your new LINCOLN has less than 50,000 miles and is less than 48 months old, you may qualify for a Ford Protect Plan now!

This is a genuine Ford Protect Plan!

We offer only Genuine Ford, LINCOLN, and Mercury Protect Plans. Get the protection and stability of the manufacturer behind you. With a Ford Protect Plan you will have continuous, uninterrupted Factory coverage throughout your ownership experience. A Ford Protect Plan is the only extended warranty guaranteed to be accepted at every Ford and LINCOLN Mercury dealership in the United States and Canada.

Coverage that's right for you!

Ford Protect is available in plans to suit every driving, vehicle and budgetary need. You can choose the coverage that's right for you from a wide range of coverage options based on your individual needs. Here you can review all available plans, find the plan right for you, get an instant price quote, and even purchase a Ford Protect Plan online using our secure application.

Peace of mind protection!

When you purchase or lease a quality vehicle, you want your ownership experience to be satisfying, pleasurable and as worry-free as possible - and so do we! Ford Protect Plans, PowertrainCare, BaseCare, ExtraCare and PremiumCare give you the peace of mind you deserve.

A few features and benefits of Ford Protect

  • From Ford Motor Company
  • Rental Car Reimbursement
  • Roadside Assistance through Ford Motor Club
  • Transferable ($75.00 fee applies)
  • May add resale value to your vehicle
  • Cancelable ($75.00 fee applies)
  • Various Deductible Options
  • Coverage that's right for your needs